looking back

For some reason I'm having trouble uploading pictures to the computer. So, I started looking through some old albums. These are from last year. Oh my, how quickly I forget.....
her chubby, fatness. No wonder we call her squeezy.

I loved to put her in this sleeping bag....need I say more?

My dear friend reminded me today that we are going to enjoy the present moment with our children. Whatever it may be, enjoy it, be grateful for it, and thank God for it. I want to be confident that I loved them and soaked their littleness all in when I look back over the years of my parenting. I'm trying not to be sad as they change and grow, but to accept it with great confidence, knowing that I treasured that stage they were in. Lindsay and I were talking about her being sad when Dominic said for the first time, I don't want to watch Winnie the Pooh anymore. Her mother has so much wisdom and responded to Lindsay with, do you want him to be twenty years old and still watching Winnie the Pooh? Obviously we don't want that, it would be weird! We should embrace the stages of our children, but wave them goodbye with a wink and a smile as they go and our children grow and move on.
I'm praying that I can let go with a brave smile and the confidence of knowing that I loved every stage of their lives.

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Kari Lee said...

those are all such precious pictures! I love Evie's head bow and Annie's pink ones in her grown up coat! I miss having Thomas around and absolutely want to squeeze George....
Oh my is right.