a day spent with Annie

Annie was so excited for it to be her turn. My plan was to have her be the first one to go out and buy school supplies and out for lunch, but she was sick, and so Thomas got to go first. Regardless, she was extremely excited for the chance to be out shopping with mom alone.

Picking out new underware and socks for the school year....big, big decisions, you know.

I told Annie that she could pick anywhere she wanted to eat. Anywhere. Where do you think she picks.....Panera, of course. Bread bowl and all. She was fun to watch. Much more quiet than Thomas, oddly enough. The same birds were there waiting to be fed. She thought that was really cool too!

On the way home we put in the Sound of Music soundtrack. It's her favorite! We belted, and I do mean belted out the song do a deer a female deer, re of drop of golden sun, me a name I call myself.......and so on. Half way through the song I look back at her through the rear view mirror only to see her darling self singing her little heart out. I finally had to pull over to take these pictures or else we would have gotten in an accident!

She is such a dear little girl and I enjoyed every moment we spent together today. I looked really hard at her while we were together and thought to myself how can you really be mine? I pray so often for her, not because she necessarily needs the prayers now, or that she is struggling or anything like that. No, I pray because of the world she is growing up in. She will be immersed in a culture that thinks the less you wear, the prettier you are, the earlier you date, the more mature you are, and the more you have, the happier you will be. I pray for her that she will have courage to do what is right, what God is asking of her. I pray for her to find a good, solid, holy group of friends to carry her through grade school and high school, when the pressures are so intense. I pray for her to be more concerned that she is doing what God asks of her than what others think of her. That she can be comfortable not being just like everyone else. I know that God listens to mother's prayers for her children, and so I am storming heaven with prayers for my little girl.
When she is eighteen I want to be able to belt out the Sound of Music with her.......

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