Brownie the old boat; our dear friend

She's not fancy, but she floats....

It has been about a year since I decided we needed a boat. Oh, the lessons that have been learned since that fine day in which Brownie showed up in our driveway:

  • One should practice backing the boat trailer before he or she makes their first attempt on a crowed boat ramp full of anxious spectators and several other boats waiting their turn. It is possible to jackknife the trailer into your chrome bumper when you are under pressure to perform this task the first time.

  • The plug must be in the the little hole in the back of the boat. Without it she does not float... not for long anyway.

  • Kids should always use the restroom before you begin the entire process of backing into the water, loading up, and heading out. Little girls won't pee in the coffee can.

  • Never leave your cell phone in your pocket when boating, loading, or unloading the boat. You will forget that it's in your pocket and eventually it will get wet.

  • If you do not tie the boat up properly to the dock, it will float away and much quicker than one thinks.

  • Always have the boat winterized by a professional. Despite using what you may believe to be your better judgement, there is no economic benefit associated with attempting to do this yourself.

  • I have wonderful memories of fishing on my grandpa Pete's boat. We would often go visit my grandparents a their lake home at Johnson's Lake growing up. I learned much about life from him while listening to stories as we floated the lake catching white bass. After he sold his beloved grocery store, "Wagner's IGA", he and grandma Joyce spent several years enjoying their retirement at the lake. Grandpa would spend so much time on the lake that his arms would become almost black. The memories I have of the lake are some of the fondest.

    When I asked Kristi for her hand in marriage 10 years ago, guess where I decided to pop the question? You got it: Johnson's Lake. It will always be a very special place full of wonderful memories.

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    The boat has provide me with a unique opportunity to not only hold on to these memories, but to actual experience them all over again; now with my children!

    Grandpa Pete, thanks for your example and all the life lessons you taught me. And thanks to our dear friend Brownie for letting me experience a few life lessons of my own.

    -this post was provided by a guest blogger

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