apricot pie....to finish off "A" week

Another Sunday morning of pie making.

I had a guest baker with me.

My sister Laura and her son Andrew were here for the weekend. Being the good sport she is, she got up early with me to bake a pie. I thought it was fitting to end "A" week with an Apricot pie. It was....Awesome.

I've had glass jars like these for a while now. They make me happy. I love how they look. I found them at Walmart a few years ago and put in our wine corks, rocks, seashells, buttons, dried beans, you name it.... everything except my baking supplies. And then it hit me when I saw that Kim had her rice and flour in jars like these. And so, now I have ALL my baking dried goods stored in these nifty jars. Lovely, don't you think?

Early morning helpers

Is George helping or hindering.....you decide.

Laura and I showed Annie how to crimp the edge of the pie crust. We each did it a different way, so between Laura's, mine, Annie's and George's fingerprints on the crust, it looked.....well, creative, let's say.

It was so nice to be with you Laura, you are a master pie baker and I can't wait to watch you teach Andrew and to see what kind of messes he can make. If he watches George long enough, he'll be a master mess maker sooner than later!

Apricot pie

Pie crust:

2 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

2 sticks cold butter cut into chunks

approx 1/2 cup cold water (I never use it all)

In a MIXER add the flour,salt, sugar. Mix it around a few times. Add the butter chunks. Cover the bowl with a towel as you turn your mixer on otherwise you will have a cloud of flour in your face. Once it resembles a coarse meal, add the water very slowly as the mixer is running. Once it starts sticking together stop add water and let it mix for about one minute so it gets soft. Take the dough out, tear it into two pieces. Form them into disks and wrap in ciran wrap. I throw them in the freezer or if I'm going to use them in a day or two, in the fridge.


15-20 apricots washed and pitted. Sliced with skins on.

a good dump of sugar (maybe 1/2 cup)

a good dump of cinnamon (maybe 3 or 4 TBS)

2 TBS flour

Mix it all together and dump into pie crust. Put top crust on. I wet the top with water and sprinkle with lots of sugar. Bake 350 degrees for one hour.


Laura said...

I sure have some lovely morning hair don't I! Although it was early, I wouldn't have missed it for anything! How did it taste? I'm sad I didn't stick around long enough to try it. I'm looking forward to this weekends pie baking with you. Oh, and I am headed to WalMart right now to look for those jars! Hopefully I'll have a well organized kitchen by the weekend!

Kari Lee said...

walmart better order some more jars - everyone will be out snatching them up! :)
what a lovely weekend.

Lindsay said...

Boy, you've come a long way (smile)
How can we ever forget Lillie sneezing continuously all over Dominic's birthday cake (if you had only known my thoughts that day...I was sure you would never come back in my house again) now George has his FEET in the pie dough. AWESOME! f.y.i. I always put my OWN feet in our pie dough.

Aubrey said...

The pie tradition in your house makes me smile. I also like putting things in glass jars--sea glass, shells, sand, rocks, and even driftwood.