alone with my oldest

I can't remember the last time I visited my husband at his office. It's been a really long time. So when Thomas said, can we go see pop? I thought it was a brilliant idea!

My mom was so generous with her time this week. She has a very busy one with all the unpacking from one trip they just got home from, and the packing for another trip on Thursday. But she offered to come watch the kids two days this week so I could take Thomas and Annie out separately to buy their school supplies. Today was Thomas' day. Since we were alone and driving right by pop's office, we stopped in to say hi! I'm so impressed with TJ and his work ethic. And he looks so good in a suit.
When he got off the phone, he told Thomas to come over here and find something from his desk to take home. A highlighter has never been so cool!

Then we headed off to lunch. He got to pick. I went through a phase while pregnant with Evelyn of eating Panera's soup bread bowls. He remembered those and was really excited to go there. He is so darling. He asked me, mom, where do you want to sit, inside or outside? because I'll sit wherever you want to. Outside it was. There were some sparrows walking around near our table so Thomas decided to throw bread to them. Out came fifteen or so birds trying to get this chuck of bread. He was in heaven. He spent the rest of our lunch throwing bread to the birds and watching them fight for it. At one point I was about to say, Thomas stop throwing bread.... but then stopped myself. Who cares if he throws it? He was having a wonderful time. No, I will let him enjoy himself.

He asked me while we were eating, do we have to hurry, are we in a rush? I wish we never would leave. We could just stay here and feed the birds.

Me too Thomas, me too.

How can you be going into second grade? I can't believe it. I will treasure days when we get to spend them together, by ourselves.
We held hands today. He squeezed mine really tight and we swung our arms back and forth. Tiny treasures that I take for granted when I am with all four of them. We passed by a section where there were movies for five dollars. He stopped, and looked through all of them, and when he came to me with a must have I said sure. He was so happy and thanked me over and over. I was so happy.


Lindsay said...

I am so happy for your beautiful day. You are a wonderful mother!

Kari Lee said...

sounds like the perfect day - and what a fun visit for little boys - daddy at work!! I love your idea of taking each kid seperately for school supplies. I will do that next year! I will be calling you soon for some pointers!

Aubrey said...

Priceless! What a treat for Thomas to be able to visit his dad at work and then to have an afternoon out with Mom!

Sandra said...

I've been trying to take one child with me grocery shopping each week. They have these little green carts at Hy-Vee now and my 2 older ones LOVE it. It is a different experience when you're with one child, and you're right those moments pass quickly. School supplies are always fun! :)