top 15 highlights of summer 2010

I can't believe that summer is at it's end. August signifies the end for me, even though we have two and a half weeks before the kids begin school. Now our focus seems to be on getting backpacks, school supplies, ordering uniforms, new socks and under ware. Last year I took Thomas and Annie out to the store separately to pick out their school supplies and then they got to pick were to eat lunch. We really had fun. I got to spend an afternoon with each of them, by themselves. I watched them ponder which color of folder to pick and which color of pencil sharpener....important decisions, you know. It's really fun to just watch them. They remembered it because Thomas asked me a few weeks ago if he was still going to get to pick where to eat lunch! Last year we went to Red Robin and even shared a chocolate shake in the metal canister with whip cream up to the ceiling!!! It's a fun tradition, some extra one on one time spent with them before they head off to full days of school away from home. (sniffle sniffle)

We have had a fabulous summer if you ask me. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I thought I'd leave this summer with the top 15 hits....
15. Going to the Pine Wood Bowl, laying on the blanket in the grass and watching White Christmas.
14. Summer with the Saints each Wednesday

13. Making all kinds of pie and sharing them with family and friends.

12. Watching the kids run throughout the yard at night, flashlights in hand, catching frogs and toads.

11. The fact that George actually got in the water for swim lessons.

10. TJ finally getting our lawn to look green. The secret.... he found that fertilizing with a unique blend of human poop pellets can make the lawn really green. Lovely.

9. Thomas offering to buy our family dinner with his own money. He chose Chipolte. Watching him take out his wallet, count out the money, and hand it to the cashier, was priceless.

8. TJ planting our nineteenth tree in our yard. Yes, nineteen trees. Well, actually we lost three trees from the rabbits eating off the bark this winter, so that brings us to only sixteen.

7. Filling, tieing, and throwing over 600 water balloons.

6. Watching Thomas play baseball. Having grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin all cheering him on at his games. Thomas' first attempts at sliding into base. He sure was fun to watch.

5. Thomas and Annie spending the weekend in Norfolk with uncle Jarod and aunt Laura. They got to eat cotton candy, go on roller coaster rides, swim, pick out toys from ShopKo, and go to bed without taking a bath.

4. Picking strawberries and making jam and strawberry rhubarb pie. Watching Evelyn plop herself down in the row and gobble down strawberries.

3. George wearing under ware. Enough said.
2. Aunt Megan visiting us for a week.

1. Evelyn wearing a swim suit.

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Aubrey said...

Yay for a great summer! It is so hard for me to think that my kids will be heading off to school soon. :(