sweet summertime

My mom and I took the kids to Pinewood Bowl for the showing of White Christmas! I remember going there when I was a kid. They loved it, especially since we were there until about 10:30pm!

Making homemade blueberry ice cream at the Andreasen's!

Yes. Those are George's sweet feet...with polish on them. His finger toes as he says.

Oh Annie......

My mom and her three sisters were here for the weekend. We had lots of fun with them. They all sound alike though which can be confusing!

Chunky monkey weights 17 lbs at three months. Way to go Laura!

Popsicles, swimsuits, friends.....makes for a fun summer.

I could take one thousand pictures a day of just your face. There is something in your eyes Evelyn, you make me smile every time.

Barefoot on the boat fishing.

I wish we could play in the water as the sun sets every night. If only...

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