park #1 Porter Park

June was busy. We had one week of art lessons, two weeks of swim lessons, and one week of Totus Tuus. Add in weekly baseball practice, summer with the saints and piano lessons and well, it was a full month. Good, but busy. Now begins July and we really don't have that much extra going on! My friend Janel told me that one summer she and her children tried to play at every park in Lincoln. What a great idea!! So I stole it! I told the kids that starting today, we were going to try and play at every park in Lincoln for the rest of the summer. I opened up the phone book, and holy cow, we have a lot of parks! 70 to be exact. I told the kids I can't promise anything, but we are going to try. So, after everyone woke up from naps, we headed out to find our first park. I vaguely knew of this park, and it was close, so it seemed like a good place to start. We went to Porter Park. It was awesome, no one else was there.

Truth be told, I hate sand. I really do. It gets everywhere. So I'm testing myself here by not freaking out about it. I'm really trying to focus on them and letting them play. And get dirty. And bury those sweet little feet in the dirty, gritty sand. I'm really focusing on my attitude here with this whole park thing. So often during the day I say to them, "hurry....we need to leave now....come on.....let's go...." I want this to be different. Fun. Slow and relaxed. That's the whole point.

And frankly, it's just another excuse for me to take pictures of my children!


HangerMom said...

How fun! It's like a do-it-yourself Lincoln Safari. I loved the new places we discovered the first summer the city ran the "safari" program. I may have to steal this idea as well.

Smiler #1 said...

Great idea. It's such a gift to just.stop.and.enjoy.it. =] We ran into so many new fun parks doing Safari the last couple of years. I, too, am partial to those with the blacktop underneath at least in part. Please pass on any other winners you find!