down memory lane to......the library.

Whoever came up with the idea of public libraries was a genius. Seriously. I can remember getting my very own library card when I was little. I still had it, with my big, loopy, cursive signature on the back, until I got married and my name changed. Then I had to get a new one. Darn. I remember my mom taking my sisters and I to the tiny library on South street. I remember always picking out the Beatrix Potter books. I was completely drawn to their small size and tiny pictures. I remember checking out Nancy Drew like crazy. I loved reading those books. My mom always tells me how...... she can see it like it was just yesterday...... our little heads bent over filling out the cards in the back of each book. Remember that? Each book had a card in the back and you had to sign your name and date in each one to check it out. Thank goodness for the automated system today, seeing as we left the library today with 53 items. That would be a lot of name writing. As you know, I love to smell books, so walking into the library is like walking into heaven for me. I love the smell of the library. I love seeing the rows and rows of books, all lined up so neatly. I love the feeling when you spy the book sitting there that I have been looking for. I feel like I can't grab it quick enough or else someone will reach out their hand and grab it before me. I love to hear my children's not so quiet voices say, mom they have it! as they pick up the book or movie. Lindsay introduced me to the service at the library where you can get on the computer and pick out the books you want. They will pull the books off the shelf and have them waiting for me all nice and neat with a rubber band around them and sitting on the shelf, just waiting for me to come in and pick them up. That was fun. Although I don't do it that way very often, it opened up a whole new world for me! I still like to walk through the isles seeing what books I can find.

It wasn't until after I had my first child, that I really began to use the library again. I had gone to the library to find the book, The Baby Whisperer. I came home with lots and lots of cookbooks. I sat on our floor looking through them all, totally inspired to cook and bake. I wrote out hundreds of recipe cards from the books and laminated them and stuck them on a ring. It was fun. When Thomas was a little older I would take him to story time. I would check out all these baby board books for him!!

Now, I still take the kids to the library as often as I can. I want so badly for them to have a love for reading. I want them to check out as many books as they can carry. Seeing their excitement as they find a book is worth a million bucks. I will always have the memory of watching my children scan their books by themselves and see their eyes get wide when they pull out the massively long receipt.

Coming home and reading after showers. I love piles of books.

I even got a few books for myself.....I'm getting serious about making a pie every day. Can you tell?

A lovely site to see in my son's bed. I love that he uses a flashlight to read with in the dark.

Books on tape. They are awesome. I sometimes drive the long way home just so we can keep listening to them. Some of our favorites are:

Little House on the Prairie series

Anne of Green Gables

Old Yeller


Magic Tree House

and our new favorite: Nancy Drew

And last year I finally came up with a way so that we wouldn't lose our library cards. It's worked great!
So, thank you mom for taking me to the library when I was little and giving me a chance to form a love of reading. Thank you dear library for your glorious smell and endless possiblities. For all the ideas that inspire me through pages of a book.


HangerMom said...

I love the library as well. And someone mentioned once in conversation, "Can you imagine if there were no libraries now, and someone suggested the concept of the public library, funded by the government, what people would SAY?" I'm so glad someone thought of it forever ago so we have these wonderful resources for our children!

Anonymous said...

Kristi -
for some reason, I can't always post a comment on your posts. But the "comments" link is showing up today, hooray!, so I just wanted to tell you that I am loving your posts and pictures.