dear aunt meg....

dear aunt meg,

wut are you doing? I can go off the slide at the pool and swim to the side. how big is the golden gate dridge ? l miss you love Annie

Dear Aunt Meg have you been in the ocean ? I have swam in woods pool the deep end it is 16 feet . how deep is the ocean? And haw big is the golden brig?

Love, Thomas


XOXO Evelyn

Dear Meg,
We all miss you. It was so wonderful to see you last month. I wish you could come home more often. Thank you for being a fun loving aunt and loving your nieces and nephews so much. We are always thinking of you and praying for you! We often wonder what your life is like out there in sunny California. The scenery, ocean, restaurants, boutiques, winery's that you get to experience out there are nothing like we get here, I'm sure. You are so lucky to get to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and drive by the ocean every day. We sure miss you, but are thrilled for you that you get to experience so much that this beautiful world has to offer. One request from us land locked people......swim in the ocean for us will ya?



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