room by room.....the bedrooms

I had a fun day. A ridiculously fun day. Guess what I did?

I cleaned, organized, and rearranged. Yup. And I loved every second of it! It was almost like I was on vacation. I knew that this week was coming, the week of Totus Tuus at our church. It's a full week of Thomas and Annie being gone from 9-3. I knew that I wanted to "get as much done as possible" while they were going to be gone all day.

It couldn't have been any more perfect that I'm at the section in my Simple Abundance book, where she walks though her house room by room. Organizing, cleaning, decluttering.....making each room a simple haven of comfort and joy! She first began with the bedroom. Perfect. The bedrooms in our house have been weighing on my mind lately. I've really done nothing with them. We've lived in our house for three years and just haven't gotten around yet to fixing them up.

Sarah Ban Breathnach says, "As far as I'm concerned, bedrooms were created for only two reasons: comfort and joy. Keeping that in mind, are you happy with your bedroom? You will know if you rarely want to leave. Your bedding should be as inviting to look at as it is comfortable to lie on. I'm convinced that a woman should love her bed covers with a mad passion."

And that was my motivation to create a beautiful bedroom for us. My goal was to see what I could use that I already had and change things around so that it felt different.

So, with the kids gone for the day, and the littlest one napping, and the perfectly content child who just wanders around the house playing with his cars.......I thought I would get started!

This is what is looked like this morning.

I should start by saying that I love our bed. It's not comfortable, really, but it's the fact that it was my grandparents bed that they got in the 1950's. When my Grandma Becky passed away, we were given their bed, and two dressers. They are beautiful and are exactly what I would pick out if given the choice. The only problem is that the bed is just a full. Thank goodness TJ and I are relatively short people or it wouldn't work. Our trouble with it is that we get night visitors who crawl into bed with us. Four bodies in a full size bed doesn't work.

I love the detail.....

I wiped cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling. I took out all the dresser drawers and refolded, or threw out smelly old t-shirts, I dusted places where I have never dusted before, and when I moved our bed, I found.....

Annie's long lost ring she had gotten from nama Joyce! How did it get under the bedpost? hmmm....

By the end of the day, I had moved our bed over, moved one dresser, found a perfectly matching lamp that I had stored away downstairs, found an old stand to use as a night stand, and brought up one of our extra chairs to sit in the corner. TJ painted two old white shelves and turned them brown, I found the flowers that I have always loved but had to be put in storage because there was no room for them downstairs anymore. I set them on my dresser and presto! I love looking at them! The only thing I ended up buying was two king size blue pillow covers, and a few decorations from Hobby Lobby (which were all 50 percent off!)

While the kids were still gone, I started on their room. I emptied out everything. I found little lego pieces under Thomas' mattress and between the wall and his bed, broken crayons, fish food pellets, you name it. The kids have never really had a comforter set, so I found two greenish comforters, light blue sheets and bought four new pillows. Nice squishy down alternative pillows! TJ came home for lunch and was looking at the room and said, "why don't I paint one wall blue since we have the paint left over from the kitchen?" I so love how my husband gets involved in my projects. He's always ready and willing to help in some way. Rarely do I have to convince him to, he just enjoys it.

After dinner, TJ and Thomas went upstairs to paint. It turned out awesome!

I bought a large print of the world and were going to frame it and hang it. TJ is also going to put together a large wall cork board......

And darling Evelyn must have known that I was deep cleaning the bedrooms today. She wanted to make sure that I washed her sheets, and bumper pad, and blankets......

Thanks Evie!

How does your room look? Do you experience a sense of delight when you walk in? -SBB

Absolutely. Delight is the right word. It's amazing what a little cleaning, paint, and moving of objects can do to change the surroundings we look at every day.


fullofgracex7 said...

I'm so inspired...motivated? Well, maybe you could help me with that! How fun!!! And...I'm laughing out loud about the picture of Evelyn's crib! I have so been there too.

Lindsay said...

Oh Evie! You little stinker...literally!