room by room.......the bathrooms

Today, on this room by room ordering adventure, I began the daunting task of our bathrooms. I clean them once a week, (I'm too scared to see what they would look like if I didn't clean that often.) I know that children are messy, it's a fact, but I think my children are the messiest bathroom users.....ever.

Please tell me that your children do this to the toothpaste too???

I made a list last night of things to get for our bathrooms. Let me explain that there is practically nothing in any of our bathrooms. No fluffy toilet covers (they would get peed on). No floor rugs (all the hair that my family sheds to the floor just grosses me out when it gets stuck in a rug). No pictures on the walls (they would have gotten ruined by the monsoon of water that gets splashed on the walls every bath time). No shower curtain in their bathroom (simply because I have never bought one). No towel bars in our bathroom (they were never there when we bought the house.....but the other bathrooms had them?)

According to Mark Hampton, an interior decorator, "Our bathrooms provide a place for private pampering. Hidden from the scrutiny of others, these rooms are secret havens of self-absorption."

Let me say that again. Secret havens of self-absorption.

Not the bathrooms in our house.

I've stayed at few bed and breakfasts before and I'm always so drawn to the coziness, quaintness, and loveliness, of them all. I wanted to create that same feeling for my bathroom. First off, I cleaned those puppies like they had never been cleaned before. All products came out from the drawers, I wiped them out, threw out old lotions, toothpaste containers, empty makeup, old bottles of hair gel.....you get the idea. We never had a towel bar in there, and so dirty, wet, towels would get thrown onto the floor or counter and stay there. TJ has no problem using them again from off the floor. (excuse me while I vomit.) I cannot bring myself to use a soggy towel that has been lying on the floor collecting hair. Sorry. So, I go through lots of towels in our home. Then.....brilliant idea!

Get a towel rack to hang up the soggy, dirty, wet towels so they can dry and then be used a second or, heaven forbid, a third time!!!

I made my daily trip to TJ Maxx and found a towel hanger to go over our door, a shower caddy, a towel holder for the downstairs bathroom and a shower curtain for the kids bathroom. I also stopped at Bath and Body Works, where to my surprise they were having their big June sale. Thanks God! I spent the next 30 minutes opening, smelling, and rubbing on fabulous scents. And I was by myself! My mom had offered to watch George and Evie while I went to the store. This is vacation to me! Getting to wander around stores filled with delights for my senses....quietly and slowly. I came home and started putting everything together.

This past February, I began taking baths. We have a nice big tub that until then, had only been used twice. I think since we had such a long, cold winter all of a sudden a warm soak in the tub began sounding very nice. I made up this basket of goodies and began to take nightly baths. I love the bath now!

I had read before on a friends blog about hanging up empty picture frames. I thought it looked pretty awesome. As I was rummaging through the storage room trying to find what I could reuse, I found a big box of my old picture frames. Two actually already had the glass broken out of them and I found a few more. These had been hidden away and all it took was finding them, and hanging them and.....walla! A beautiful wall of emptiness.....kinda!
Now, when I walk into our bathroom I truly feel like it is a secret haven of self-absorption! I'll find myself wandering upstairs to stand there and look at it!! I was talking with a friend last night about life. Recently there was a little 18 month girl who drown in a pool. Her little life is over on earth. That made me so very sad to think of the parents and siblings having to deal with her sudden death. I thought about them all day as I was enjoying this simple pleasure of redecorating. I thought about how silly my day was in the scheme of life. Why is one mother weeping in anguish over her child she no longer has, while another mother is wandering through a store smelling soaps....and loving it? I was feeling guilty about enjoying my day so much.
All I could come up with is that seasons of life change. I remember being so very sad those few months after losing Joseph. Everything was just sad. And now, only a few short months later, I'm truly enjoying life and finding days filled with joy. Suffering will always be with me. Some days will be much harder in life than others. So, I decided that I would offer up my joy for this mother. I offered up every pleasure I felt today for her. It's not always just the suffering or hard things we can offer up.


HangerMom said...

I'm loving your "room by room" series so far. Thanks for all the fun decorating ideas - the beauty you're creating from simple touches is awesome. I may have to start cleaning. Or I may have to talk Nathaniel into finally getting that master bath built... :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the ideas! You are a master of making a house a home!