pocket full of sunshine

I heard this song from another blog, and loved it. I love summer. I love how the days are sunny and bright and how they last until 9:30pm. In the winter, we would have all been in bed long before 9:30, but now during summer, 9:30 is just the beginning of the evening it feels like. I love how we wander around outside, filling thousands of water balloons, or riding bikes or walking around our blvd.

Notice the water balloons in mid-air!

George loves to do whatever his brother is doing....what joy he brings to us. He'll say the funniest things (as do most two year olds!)

Annie got to come along on our special "sisters day out". Aunt Meg, Aunt Laura, mom and Annie got our nails painted and ate lunch at the Oven!

Our breakfasts now consist of homemade strawberry jam.....and lots of it. George pretty much just licks off the jam, and leaves the bread.

Our cousin sleeping outside while we're all playing!

He really thought he was going to play at Thomas' first baseball game!

Baseball......it begins!

I got a little teary eyed watching him play his first baseball game. Where has 8 years gone? (sniffle sniffle)

Summer = strawberries.....

and playing with the hose......

and later bedtimes.......

and swimming at Grandpa and Nama's pool......

and launching some pretty cool water balloons really far!

I'm still trying to find a balance between structure and spontaneity. Summer is a time to go slower, relax, enjoy, yet sometimes I find myself being the routine Nazi. I need structure. It's just how I'm put together. I need to know what I have to get done for that day. I crave the feeling of "getting things done." Yet, at the same time I want to just through our routine out the window sometimes and just play. Go with the flow. Do whatever. I want to teach our children to be responsible yet at the same time I want them to be open and spontaneous. I am working on weaving both into our lives. Structure and spontaneity. Is it possible?

I think so.


fullofgracex7 said...

Yep...structure and spontenaety...I think there is room for both! Great pictures!! I do love reading your blog!

HangerMom said...

I have the same struggle with structure and spontaneity in the summer. It leaves me feeling a little unsettled, but I'm working on it!

I want to go swimming at Grandpa and Nama's pool, too, if it includes treats like that ;).