I've been excited to go and pick strawberries since the first signs of spring, and today was the day! What made it even better was that I was with my children, my sister, my nephew, and my mom. It was the perfect day.

I've never ever seen the strawberries so gigantic as they were this year. Wow! Was it ever fun to pick those babies and to hear the "snap" as they came off the plant. They were the perfect strawberries.

And Evelyn, oh my. She was the most perfect berry out there, all fat and squishy and pink. I found myself wanting to eat her, eating those strawberries. All juicy and sweet, herself.
Last year she was just a newborn baby when we picked strawberries. This year, this was the best. She just waddled around picking up berries and stuffing them in. When we left she was, sticky, muddy, sweaty, and red.....all signs of a great time!

And our new little nephew slept through it all! Just wait for next year Andrew!

Until next year.....I already can't wait!!

When we got home, being as we were all sweaty and sticky, we put on swim suits and headed outside to get wet. We've had this big water slide for two years now. The kids love it and have fun playing on it. It has entertained them for many hours in the sun. However, we've encountered a problem this year. George. George is the problem. The child is deathly afraid of it. Terrified. I don't know why other than he is just a timid, scared- of- things kind of boy. When we even talk of setting it up he begins to panic. The other day when it was up he said, "I want to take a nap." I said, "do you want to go and nap or get to play outside?" "I want to sleep." Poor child.

But today he at least came outside while the thing was up and running!

And this, well this was too much.
Evelyn got a new swimsuit.
And she started walking.

Later in the afternoon, we came inside and got everything ready to make........a strawberry rhubarb pie!!!

We had so much fun all working together in the kitchen, mom, Laura, me, Thomas and Annie. I stepped back and looked at us all. Mom cutting the rhubarb and then holding Andrew and guiding us through the steps and ingredients. At one point she even said, "I sound like I'm Martha Stewart!" Laura and Annie cutting and washing strawberries, Thomas desperately wanting to "cut" anything, and me, making the old trusty pie crust.

Thomas wanted to try raw rhubarb!
I was so grateful for this afternoon we had in the kitchen. I hope my children will remember these times. I think you can learn so much from baking/cooking together. Not just how to cook, but so much more. We worked together, everyone having a job to do. We were patient. We were excited about the finished product. We counted and measured. And we did it together. I have a few memories of things that my mom used to make in the kitchen. Bread and strawberry jam are two of them. It's really special to me that I make them now and that they will be passed down to my children. My mom used to take us when we were little to the same strawberry patch that we went to today.

And the finished product.....ta-da!

We headed outside once again to eat our delicious pie. Annie, who is like her mother, had to get every last drop of pie and ice cream!
Like I've said before, is there anything better than ending the day with a piece of pie?
I think not.

It was one of those days today that I just wanted to savor every second of, soaking up the new summer days and nights. Thank you God for this perfect day.

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fullofgracex7 said...

Love it!! :) You're right...sounds like a perfect day in my book too!