the longest day of the year

oh joy!

Today was the summer solstice.

The first day of summer.

The longest day of the year.

I've been talking about this day with the kids for a few weeks now, explaining that today there will be the most light of any day of the whole year. It will stay light until 9:30. They thought that was pretty cool. We began planning what we could do to celebrate the solstice and camping in the backyard seemed like a great plan. So did making smores.

But to start the day off, there was a huge, thunderous rain storm. At about 7:30am it was black outside as a monsoon of rain poured down upon us. We played inside, swimming lessons being cancelled, we had no where that we needed to be. I let them go downstairs and watch the Curious George movie. At about 10:00 the sun broke out and it was a glorious sight to see the dark sky to the south being magnified by the sun's brightness. The grass and trees turned into a florescent shade of green. It was beautiful. We quickly headed out to play and explore. I had seen many frogs out on our boulevard that morning and I wanted to let the kids try and catch some.

George immediately found the water puddles left behind from the rain (as any child will and should do!) Oh my did he have fun. Pure joy. I just watched him sloshing through the water and saying in his darling voice, "I'm soakin wet mom!" That is exactly what a little boy should be able to do- get soakin wet.

We walked around our boulevard looking for frogs or whatever else we could find but came up empty handed. Then we found it....the irresistible pool of fun......

What child can resist that?

And then came the mud. oh glorious mud.

I loved the fact that I could let them play. And get dirty. We had no where to be, nothing to get ready for. It was so nice to say "sure" when they asked if they could get dirty. Something I'm learning the longer I'm a parent is that pretty much everything cleans up. Children, clothes, furniture, floors, windows, walls......they can all get real dirty, but they can also be made clean again. If I want them to. That's if. Some things are better left just dirty. I found more joy by watching them play in the water and mud than if I would have saved myself a load of laundry and baths by saying no to them. That was today. Other days are different. Sometimes I have to say no, but not today, and we lived it up.

TJ was in Omaha for the day and was not going to be back for dinner. I had promised the kids that we would make smores. So, instead of lighting the grill, we improvised, and used the oven!

Oh yummy sticky sweetness!

And we improvised again by setting the tent up in the basement since the backyard was
soakin wet!

TJ, Thomas and Annie had a fun night sleeping in the tent downstairs. I hope they will always remember that.

And so, summer, you officially are here. May we play, get dirty, and enjoy your sun and light for as long as we can. Please stay forever.

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fullofgracex7 said...

Oh so much fun!!! What a fabulous mom you are...your children are truly blessed!