It' pretty simple to please George. Just give him something that is either:

from the movie CARS
anything Green Bay Packers
or a baseball.

If you do, you will get lots of "oh, thank you" in the most darling voice that I personally have ever heard. EVER.

That's my George. Today he turned three years old. But if you ask him, he'll tell you that he's one. Not sure why he's stuck on one, but oh well! He's my third child. The child that I hoped and prayed for the most. After trying for over a year to have another child and not conceiving, I thought for sure that I would never have another baby. But oh, how I longed for another one. And then, the fiftieth pregnancy test I took showed me by it's two pink lines, that we would indeed be blessed with another one! I remember being so completely happy and grateful that I would get the chance to do it all again. And then, God gave me him. He's the only one who we didn't know before they were born who they would be. We wanted to be surprised this time. When the doctor handed him to me, I was so......happy. A boy! He looked just like Thomas when he was born. From the moment he began life on earth he has been the most content, enjoyable little person ever. He slept through the night at 2 months old. I could lay him down awake, and he would put himself to sleep. He would just lie in his crib cooing and talking to himself until I came in and got him. He has always been an easy child. (well, mostly!)

Today we got to celebrate his life. We have a tradition in our home of waking the birthday person up with breakfast in bed, usually a doughnut with a candle in it. They get to open a few gifts in bed...it's a fun way to begin their special day. When we came into his room, he was still asleep. We began with "happy birthday to you...." but were cut short when he sits up and says, "STOP. It's not my birthday. Don't sing that." Not exactly how I pictured it going. Once we convinced him that it was indeed his birthday and that he was going to get to open presents, well, then he was happy. Whew.

We started celebrating last night by going to the SaltDogs baseball game.

dangling feet....

He was so darling there. He really watched the game. We got sticky, sweaty, and dirty. He had a great time.

And then the cars.....oh how George loves cars. Everything is cars. His little life of three years, revolves around cars. He lines them up constantly. I find lines of them throughout the house all day long. In his bed, on the carpet, on the fireplace, the kitchen counter, the table, on the couch. It's too cute!

I love you George. I hope you had a wonderful day playing with all your cars. You bring joy to my life. Thank you for your darling voice and being my third child.


Lindsay said...

Yeah!!!! Big pictures and especially of sweet George. We all love George. The magical #3. Happy Birthday to such a good boy.

fullofgracex7 said...

Happy 3rd birthday George! What fun. I love celebrating birthdays.

Laura said...

I love how he has all his cars lined up to look at his birthday cake!