good manners money jar

We were driving in the car today. A lot. So, I was talking with Thomas and Annie about our
Good Manners Money Jar which we have implemented again this summer. The idea is for the kids to practice cheerful obedience by saying, "yes mom, I'd be happy to" when asked to do something the first time. A good friend of mine brought this lovely idea to my attention last summer and I thought it was so perfect for our family. In order to naturally obey (and not just to obey, but to obey right away and happily,) they need to practice, practice, practice. So, any time we ask them something, if they respond right away, then they get to put a coin into a jar, our family good manners jar! By the end of the summer, we will count how much good manners money they have accumliated, and then they get to decide together what we should buy for our family.

In the car today, we were discussing ideas on what we could buy at the end of the summer. Here's what was said:

*a game

*two family movies

*a garden (thanks Thomas, he knows how much I still want to plant a garden!)


*give it to the poor (way to go Annie)

*and then Thomas' face lights up as he says, "I know, we can buy the marker for Joseph." I couldn't believe my son right then. I've been saying on and off how much I want to buy the marker for Joseph's grave, but we keep putting it off since there always seems something more urgent to spend $200.00 on. I was so proud of him. Then he asked how much it would be and when I said that it's two hundred dollars, his eyes roll back and he says, "that's a lot of pennies, we'll need two more jars."

Evelyn is starting to break out of her shell a bit and smile.......more. She is a joy. Oh, and she started walking this past week!

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