bike riding in pajamas

It was another beautiful early morning. I sat on our porch soaking up the rising sun that was brightly shining, the sound of the sprinklers whirring as they watered the lawn, and watching my children ride their bikes around in their pajamas.

There is magic in summer mornings. So different from the mornings during the school year where from the moment we wake, were going and going until we have to leave for school. So many tasks need to be done before leaving the house. There is another blog that I read and she posted pictures of their mornings. So cute. I agree with her completely. The mornings when we have nothing to do or to get ready for are my favorite. I cherish them. I cherish the coffee sipping and book reading. I cherish the morning breath, rustled hair, and sleep in the eyes of my children. I've tried to teach my children to before getting out of bed, when they open their eyes, to say, "good morning Jesus, thank you for this day." I want my first waking moment to be of Him and to instantly be grateful that I am here for another day. Morning is definitely my favorite time of the day. With a clean slate before us, I know that we can do anything. I can start over when I've had a bad day before.

Annie has taken it upon herself to get Evelyn out of her crib in the morning, change her diaper, get her dressed and fix her hair. Bonus for me! One less person to get ready for the day!! I love that she does this. I peeked in on her once when she was fixing Evelyn's hair and just about lost it. She had Evelyn plopped on the step stool sitting still as could be while Annie put her hair in pig tails.

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