the best father's day card

This is the card that Thomas gave to TJ this morning for Father's Day.

First of all it was written on a card that said, "May you have a blessed Christmas season" (an old Christmas card that he found in the drawer.)

Then, he writes this....

Let me show you that again....


Happy Father's Day TJ. You do so much for me and our children. Thank you. I love you.

Oh, I'm glad we're middle class.

TJ and Tom spending time together this afternoon whatching the US Open.

Like father......

Like son.


Lindsay said...

I am dying of laughter. Precious. Cute. Adorable. Wow. That is up there on the funniest things I have ever heard a kid say.

HangerMom said...

I just cracked up. Thank you for sharing! I love the things kids come up with.