Andrew's baptism

Andrew, it is a privledge to be your godmother. Your life is a miracle and I'm so happy that I get to be a part of it.

You wore the baptismal gown that has been in our family for almost 90 years. Your great grandma Becky, your grandpa Ray, your mom and your aunts, and your cousins were all baptized wearing that gown. It's a beautiful piece of history for our family.

Your great grandma Kastl holding you

What proud parents you have. They love you Andrew. They will always do what is best for you. They wanted you long before you were born.

Proud grandparents.....

Your mom and I made your cake to celebrate this special day.

I will pray for you every day Andrew. That you will know and love God with all your heart and will follow Him and His will for your life.

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