Having this blog has done something for me. It's opened my eyes to all the beauty in my daily round that make up my life. I have always tried to be aware of it, I knew it was there, just most days I would see past it. Getting my camera has also helped. Now I'm actually forced to think about my life, if I want to write about it. I love it.

Having my camera helps also. I love to take pictures with it. I can capture what I get to see each day.

Yesterday, George played babies with Annie for the first time. Usually, she just goes off quietly to play them by herself. Today was different. I listened very closely as I watched them play.

Annie: "What's your baby's name?"
George: "uh.....Dora."

Annie: "mine is Clare Abby." (wonder where she got that from!!!)

George: (talking to Dora) "How was your nap? Did you have a good nap?"
George: (as baby is falling down the steps) "oh, no....baby!"

Yesterday I witnessed Annie, dressed as a ballerina,
sitting herself down to play piano. It was hilarious! She was singing her little heart out. The funny thing was that she didn't even notice me.

This truly is paradise.

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