ordaniary miracle

I believe they happen every day.
Am I aware of them?
Probably not.

Until this one. This miracle I got to see unfold, and it's.......well, lovely.

This miracle is Andrew Gerard .

My sister and her husband have been married for five years and had desperately wanted children. Upon learning that their chances of conceiving were very slim, they dove right into the adoption process. They were picked by a young girl who was going to have a baby, and she chose them to be the parents. They were thrilled! They got to be at the hospital when he was born, feed him a bottle.....begin the bonding process. That's why they were so crushed when going up to the hospital to bring him home, their case worker told them the birth mother had decided to keep the baby.

The nursery was ready.
The car seat was in the car.
Bottles were washed.....

They needed time to adjust to what had happened. So they drove to Colorado. They had a wonderful time there together, but wondered what exactly did God have in store for them, if they were not going to get this baby? Why, God? I remember just praying and praying for them. "Please God, please give them a baby. You can do anything, please. Mary, you are our mother, please let her become a mother too." My mom began praying the rosary each day for them.

God did have a plan, and boy was it even better! They found out that they had conceived while in Colorado! And nine months later, they have a son. A perfectly wonderful, beautiful, little boy. They BEST gift ever.

Think of how many women give birth in the United States alone in one day? I often think of the nurse who is working her shift while I am in labor. How many babies will she see today be born? How many times has my doctor brought a baby into this world? Lots. Hundreds of times probably. Is in ordinary for them? I would think so. My doctor is a very holy man, and he truly realizes the sacredness of life. When I am in labor, I will see him standing back, off to the side of the room, hands folded. He's praying. I see him once a week at Planned Parenthood on the day that they are performing abortions. He's walking, head down, praying. Praying for life and the lives of those babies inside that cold, brick, building who are going to die. What could be extremely ordinary for him, is miraculous every time. He always holds and stares at my new baby as if it were the first child he has delivered.

Ordinary miracle. Yep, that's what he is. Having a baby happens thousands of times a day, but it so very precious and life changing. It was for my sister and brother-in-law, and for us.

Thank you God, thank you for reminding us that You can do anything.

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