mother's day

Mother's Day, what a lovely day! I awoke to a thoughtful husband and son who were carrying a tray with coffee and eggs on it. It's funny, because usually on these special "breakfast in bed occasions" I am awake and I can hear what's going on downstairs. Not today. I was in a deep sleep when they came into the bedroom and was really and truly suprised to see them! It was a delightful way to wake up.

So I asked my children jokingly "what's the best thing you love about mamma?" Thomas replies, "I like it when you say yes to doing things." Like the afternoon when he asked me if he could take a bath in my big tub and play with his pirate ship....and I said sure. Or the time when he asked me if I would play guns with him and do a suprise attack.....and I said yes! On Easter Sunday afternoon, when we were playing outside and it was a nice day, he asked if we could set up the big water slide. I said sure. (Now, understand that it was only the beginning of April and although the sun was out, it was still a little chilly.) But I knew how much he wanted to set it up, and so I said, "sure!" He couldn't believe it actually!

It makes me sad knowing how many times my children ask to do something fun, but hesitate because they know I'll say no. Sometimes now they even begin their question with "I know you'll probally say no, but can I ....." I've been paying close attention to myself lately with using the word "no", "not right now", "just a minute", and "wait until I'm done"..... Yes, these are words that I must say at times, I can't always say yes to what they want to do at that very minute. BUT, I can make an effort to say yes more often to things that really don't matter. Like taking a pirate ship into the tub in the middle of the afternoon to play, just for fun. Why not? Especially when I know how much my children will remember these small efforts that I make so they can have fun.


fullofgracex7 said...

I can already tell that your blog is going to be inspiring in so many ways. Thanks SO much for sharing!

HangerMom said...

Welcome to blogging - and thank you for doing it! I already love what you've written and can't wait to read more. And the pictures! Beautiful!