hello summer

Well, hello summer!

We're so glad you're here......after the long, cold, snowy winter we had, you're a warm welcome!

Now begin the days of........water balloons, sunblock, hauling out the water slide, riding bikes in swim suits, stocking the freezer with Popsicles, sidewalk chalk, bags (library bag, swimming bag, nature bag) more parks to play at, fishing, water bottles, picnic lunches, picking strawberries, making jam, children's zoo, summertime tickets, later bedtime, bird watching, boys choir, piano lessons, swim lessons, art class, Wednesday's summer with the saints, totus tuus, and (drum roll please)......baseball. Whew.

Summer will be a little different this year. This is the first one where we have "organized activities" other than swim lessons. This is big for us. We have waited and waited as long as possible to begin sports with our children. We know they love them. TJ and Thomas have been playing baseball together now for years in our front yard, as well as running plays for football down in our basement as a Packer game is on in the background. We wanted to let our children "play" at home for as long as possible before the demands of practices began. But this summer we felt ready. So, we dove into baseball, piano, swimming, and art lessons. We'll see how it goes!

Today was the last day of school. We decided to have a "summer's here!" party. Our good friends came over to celebrate with us. We made ice cream sundaes, set up the water slide, and threw water balloons........well sort of. (note- Annie and I spent about an hour filling two packages of water balloons so they would be all ready to go when Thomas and the kids got home from school.) Unfortunately, two, two year olds, found the tubs of water balloons in the backyard and proceeded to throw every balloon, minus three, onto the ground. What took one hour to prepare was over within one minute. Bummer. I felt like I was going to throw up! I felt bad for the other kids who had gotten a glimpse of the joy that two tubs filled with water balloons brings. They were told to go inside and put on their suits and sunblock first, and then they could fire away. To see their sad (and mad) little faces when we all discovered what the culprits had done, was priceless. Oh well, a lesson learned in "going with the flow" I guess. (for me too!)

After George and Evie were in bed, we let Thomas and Annie make another sundae. We sat at the table and as they ate we talked about what we expect from them this summer. We've never done this before, and I think it was good to talk about all the fun things we will get to do, but to also remind them that they will need to help us out. I told them what I heard from Msgr. the other morning at mass. He said, "Do you want to have a joyous summer? Then you can't leave God out. He has to be a part of your summer, if you want it to be good." How right he is. We are going to focus on Him in the midst of all our activities. Daily mass as often as we can, morning prayers together, visits to the Pink Sisters, chaplet at 3:00, decade of the rosary at night, are all things we are going to make sure we do.

I think God was giving me a gentle reminder about "going with the flow" this morning with the water balloon incident! Although we do have a lot going on this summer, and I have an idea of what I want to do each day, I realize that I must be flexible if we are to enjoy these next eleven weeks.

Thanks God, I got the message!

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