Grandmothers, how we love you

We love to eat at Grandmothers Restraunt. It's been a tradition for us ever since we bought our first house and it just happened to be close by. So one day we went there to eat after a long day of painting and fixing up our new house. With paint stained clothes on, TJ, myself and our good friend Justin, walked in and sat down. I very vividly remember it. Funny. I would have never thought that that day would begin a long family tradition for us. But it did, and as I look back I'm reminded of so many fun times. There are a couple of musts..
1. Must sit on the bar side of the restraunt. Better atmosphere TJ says.
2.Must order a liter of margartias so we can get the free nachos.
3.Must ask for LOTS of extra napkins
4.Must eat the wing down to the bone....no leaving any chicken on it. (although I don't follow that rule. TJ, Thomas, or my dad, finish it off for me.)
5.Must go on Tuesday nights to get the 20 cent wings.
I love that when you order a pitcher of margaritas, you get a plate of nachos..... free.
I love the nachos, there is absolutely nothing special or fancy about them at all. But they are so DARN good.
I love the wings. They are to die for, our favorite, hands down.
I love that the hospital we deliver our children at is right around the corner. When I went to the hospital for Thomas, I wasn't in active labor so they were going to start inducing me the next morning. Some friends came up to visit us and so TJ went with them all around the corner to have wings. I love that he got to go to his favorite spot right before becoming a father! He brought me back a loaf of bread which I will never forget. I loved their bread.
I love that when we go, we usually go with my parents. They are almost always up for it when TJ calls and asks if they want to come. What good sports they are!
I love that we have gone and shared many laughs there with family and friends. I love how we pull two or three tables together to make enough room for us all.
I love that when I am pregnant, I justify getting fried ice cream for dessert every time, because I didn't have margarita!
I love going there after having a baby and getting a margarita for the first time in about 8 months. Ahhhh....they are so good!
I love watching our children grow there. It's almost like a rite of passage....the first time we bring the newest child there. Now Thomas and Annie are moving on from the kids meals to "real food." They like to eat wings, and soup.
I mostly love how much TJ loves it. He probally would go there every day. He loves the atmosphere, the margaritas, the nachos, the wings.....and to see him holding a child in one hand and nawing on a chicken bone with the other....it makes me happy.
I love that we get so dirty there, when we come home we always get into the tub and get all nice and clean for bed.

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Laura said...

Oh how I miss Grandmothers! I've gone 10 long months without their margaritas. Time for another rite of passage! Can't wait to see how Jarod looks holding his new son in one hand and gnawing on a chicken bone with the other!