the first one

Well, I did it! I never thought I would, but I did. I started a blog! For quite some time now I've been reading a few select blogs that have inspired me to be a better wife, a better mother, a stronger Catholic, and quiet simply, a better "lover of life." There are so many inspiring women out there who I don't know, yet feel like I've known all my life. And there are many more women who I DO KNOW and get to talk to daily who inspire me even more!

What made me hesitant to start blogging before was the fact that I wasn't sure what my purpose for a blog would be. What would I say? Would I feel pressure to write something every day? Would I neglect my husband, children and home duties to be at the computer? But finally, after much thought, I decided that I simply want a place where I can share with others the beauty I see each day. And that beauty comes from so many different places!

I love my husband. I love that he wears a suit each day to work and every morning I look at him and think "wow, he looks good!" I love the fact that he would eat at Grandmothers restaurant every day of the week if he could. I love when he comes home from work he walks around outside looking over our trees and flowers to make sure they are growing well. I love my children. I love each and every one of them. I love how Thomas plays with my hair every night before going to bed. I love that Annie says to me randomly, "I like your shirt, mom." I love that George ALWAYS has a toy car in each hand and drives them anywhere he can find a spot in our house. I love how Evelyn twirls her hair while she nurses. And I could go on and on about them.... I love that I have a son already in Heaven who is interceding for us. I love that when we go visit his grave, our children say "I love you Joseph." I love baking bread, making big, fun birthday cakes and celebrating feast days with special food. I love taking long, hot baths while reading a book, and how the pages get wet and then dry all warped. I love running. I love sweating, and having wonderful conversations with good friends while running. I love coffee. This is a recent love of mine, but boy do I love it now!! I love getting up in the early morning hours and starting a load of laundry, and unloading the dishwasher....I feel like I'm getting a jump start on the day! I love books. Old books, new books, children's books, ordering books on Amazon, finding books at garage sales. I love to smell books and I love that I have trained my children to smell a book when they open it! I love opening a book to read in bed and then falling asleep a few minutes later. I love eating Indian food from the Oven, especially when I'm pregnant. I love Grandmother's wings and margaritas. I love my faith. I love teaching our children about God. I love celebrating Saints feast days, baptism days, holy days, name days for our children and godchildren. I love listening to Thomas and Annie practicing piano in the mornings. And I love taking pictures. I take pictures of it all. I love to capture the beauty in what would otherwise seem ordinary.

I chose the title "a house with four rooms" because of it's signifiance for me. Since 1998, I've been reading a book called "Simple Abundance A daybook of comfort and joy." It has one short meditation for each day of the year. This quote has always struck me and I think it is very true for me. I wear many, many hats each day....mother, wife, taxi, chef, art teacher, doctor, that I have to learn how to balance it all. When I think of my life as four rooms, I can see where I need to be spending my time. On my knees praying in the mornings, reading and discerning what God wants for me, running, holding and loving my children, getting to daily Mass, reading to my children, making meals, ect. Spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Four rooms that I need to go into each day.

And that is why I decided to blog about my life. I get to live and breathe in these four rooms each day! I want to see that there is beauty always around me, even when I have to squint hard to see it. I don't hope to inspire anyone or to portray our life any different than it really is. I just want to remember and to enjoy life. Because it is a beautiful life!


fullofgracex7 said...

Love it...welcome fellow blogger. :) I will look forward to reading your blog regularly. We have so much in common and I am inspired by you, your family, your love of life and being a mother. You are a wonderful woman!

Laura said...

Good for you! I'm glad you've finally decided to start your own blog. I will definitely enjoy reading it! A house with four rooms...what a great way to look at our lives. I'm sure reading your blog will help remind me to air out each of my rooms daily!