Ephrem Paul's baptism

TJ and I were asked to be the godparents of Ephrem Paul! What a glorious day it was. I'll never get over how ordinary a baptism seems. Nothing really appears to be happening. Nothing changes as his little head becomes wet with water.......other than his head is now wet! But our faith leads us to believe differently. We believe what truly is happening as Msgr. pours the water over his head and recites the words......

That little soul is now bright and shining, and pure. Original sin, gone. Msgr. once described how deceiving it is for us to look at a newborn baby. They are the epitome of goodness, and pureness, how could anything be wrong with them. But if we could see into their soul before they are baptized, we would find it black, and dark from original sin. We would never want that for our child. Thank goodness for the sacrament of Baptism!

Ephrem is now a member of the church. Praise God! We are so grateful that we get to be a part of his life, and pray for him daily. We hope to help him always turn to God. And then to listen to his parents, because they love him, they gave him life, and they love God.

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