Dear Annie,

I'm sorry that I brushed you off all day long today. You are home from school on Tuesdays and I really do look forward to having you here with me. However, I didn't act that way today. I am sorry that I said to you a million times today, " not right now....when I'm done......get George that...." Tuesdays just stink. What happens is that I stay up way too late on Monday nights and then get up early Tueday mornings, and I'm just plain tired. I almost fell asleep while driving home from taking Thomas to school in the morning. It was 8:20 AM. I seem to do more housework on Tuesdays than any other day. I'm more tired and grumpy, and you get the brunt of it. I wanted so badly to just sit on the couch with you and read books, or color, or make something with you. You wanted to "make a craft" today- you didn't care what it was, you just wanted to make someting with me. I really hate when I let those moments slip by. All I wanted to do was take a nap, and clean up the kitchen from lunch, and sit down at the computer, and make the beds with clean sheets and........the list keeps going on and on and then it's the end of the day. And I've done it again. I've really spend no time with you at all, and yet you were here all day. I am going to try and make more of an effort to just soak up Tuesdays with you. I dread this Augest when you will be going to school every day.

I love how you sing everywhere you go. You make up songs and sing to yourself while looking at yourself in the glass of the fireplace. I love how you hop on your scooter or bike and just fly around the blvd, usually lifting arms off the handlebars or sticking your legs out to the sides. I love how you can fix your own hair now and can put it in a pony tail. You wrap that rubberband around your small hand and are proud of yourself. I love how you carry Evelyn all the time, her chubby body squirming around as you despeartly try to keep her on your hip. I love how you answer the phone, "Hello Casady's this is Annie speaking." You sound so grown up. I love you Annie, and I will try and treat you with the respect that we expect you to treat us. You are a good girl.


fullofgracex7 said...

Yep...good blogs inspire. Thanks! ;)

HangerMom said...

Someday, someone has to teach me how to do toenails like that. I have too many girls not to know! :)

Thank you for this post. It made me cry, because I have so many days just like the Tuesday you described, but it was beautiful. I'm so glad you're writing!