a date night.....in

We had a date night tonight. We stayed at home. It started by feeding the kids early, bathing them, and reading lots of books. By 7:00 I was starving, and they were ready for bed. So up they went, although none of them fell asleep. I took a shower while TJ chopped veggies and opened a bottle of wine. I came downstairs to a kitchen filled with a wonderful aroma. Tuna steaks atop rice with veggies. Yum!! TJ handed me a glass of wine, and we talked while he finished preparing the meal. I must say that TJ is a wonderful chef. He enjoys cooking, especially after a hard day of work. He enjoys making a gourmet meal, one that requires time to prep and savor the cooking process. He is fabulous at making fish and rice.

This is something I miss, enjoying a meal. With children, it's just impossible to sit and eat slowly and savor and enjoy what you are eating. At least in our family. I desperately try and make our meals enjoyable though. But, it never fails that someone needs something, and we spend the meal getting up and down, getting this or that, and telling someone to eat. I do realize that this is a stage of life though. One day, I'm sure, we will be able to sit down together as a family and have a nice, relaxing meal. That's just not the nature of our family right now. And that's OK.

That's why I get excited for the nights when TJ calls and says, "lets feed the kids early and I'll stop at the store and make dinner for us. YES. I'M IN! I love that TJ loves to cook. He is just like his father. He has learned a lot from him. I long for the time when TJ and I were dating/engaged and we would eat dinner at his parents every night. Tom would make outstanding meals. We would sip our wine and watch him in the kitchen. When I say that Tom could cook, I mean that he could cook. This meal that TJ prepared tonight was actually what Tom prepared the first night I met his parents. I didn't even know what tuna steak was! (but I loved it!) I see TJ doing the same thing now.

I get a kick out of us "sneaking" around in order to have dinner alone. Thomas and Annie are very aware when we have a quick meal (as we did tonight). They ask why pop isn't eating with us and what am I going to eat. The best is that they LOVE fish and rice. They came down after we were eating and I could see the longing in their eyes to have a bite. Thomas asked if I could save him some for breakfast in the morning! I love that they love a good meal. We talked about how TJ is going to teach them how to make this so that when they are older, they will carry on the tradition of making fish and rice!

And even though ALL of our children came back downstairs at some point in the evening, it was a wonderful evening.....a date with my husband.

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