the beginning and end of our days

This is how we have been starting our days lately.

I love it.

After I get home from running, I pour myself a nice yummy cup of chocolate truffle flavored coffee, and sit myself on our very comfy chair. I pray, and then read. A while later, two sleepy eyed children come and join me. I started noticing that I would say to them, "get back to bed, it's too early..." rather sternly. It dawned on me what a terrible way to wake up that must be for them. The person who they wake up and want to see is telling them -"go back to bed, I don't want to see you yet." I've just gotten over the fact that my children wake up early. It's really nice during the school year when we MUST get a early start to the day in order to make it to school on time. So, instead I try with all my might to say first thing, "good morning Thomas, good morning Annie, I love you. How did you sleep?" And then give them a good old squeeze to let them know that I truly am happy to see them and that I do love them. I'm noticing that they are in such a better mood, as well as myself.

So, anyways, they come out on the porch and see me and proceed to plop down next to me. They grab a book or two and we all squish together and read. Sometimes we're quiet, other times I get a slew of information or questions about what they are looking at. I've started to just leave a bunch of books out there on the stand. I look forward to this ritual we've established.

And this is how we have been ending our days, with a walk around the blvd. or just wandering around outside with the last of the sun. I get weeds, I mean, flower bouquets by the handfuls. I love it. I love them for thinking of me.

The beginning and ending of our days are by far my favorite. There's a lot of good squished in between there as well, it's just harder to see it sometimes.

And here is my poor, lone, peony. Sad little thing. Driving around town I see gigantic bushes filled with pink and white peony blooms. I have been wondering to myself for the past three years why are my peony bushes NOT GROWING. I thought they were supposed to grow and multiply each year. I had envisioned a thick, solid peony wall going alongside our driveway. This is now the fourth year since planting them and they still look like this. One single solitary bloom. We had some friends over the other evening and they commented our our silly looking peony. He asked TJ if he put down fertilizer or a preemergent (don't know what that is) in the spring. TJ said yes, and we finally realized that my lovely husband has been stunting their growth each spring that he fertilizes.
Good to know.

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fullofgracex7 said...

too funny regarding the reason for the peonies not growing...our husbands really do have much in common! LOL!!!