ahh... how I love the mornings

There is absolutely nothing better than beginning my day, early in the morning, outside. To be up and out watching the quiet earth wake up is simply beautiful. Especially in the spring and summer. I've been greeting the morning sun off and on now since I lived in an apartment during college in 1998. I would wake up, grab my stack (I think I had 5 different books/journals) and go out onto our deck and spend an hour or so reading, journaling and praying. Then when I moved home for my last semester of college, I continued my morning routine. During the summer, I remember my mom coming out on the deck with me sometimes. That was the year she had a Robin build one nest on each of the steps of the deck. It was the strangest thing we had ever seen.

The one book that I have continued to read throughout all these years is Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy." It's a beautiful book written as a meditation for each day of the year. A short inspiration for the day. And I love it. She talks about how to weave gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty, and joy into our lives. It's so perfect that each spring her thoughts are on how bringing order to our homes will help to order our lives. This is the time of year when I naturally want to "spring clean" anyways. William Morris says, "have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful. Useful, and beautiful....do those really go together? If something is useful, that means it gets used, right? It seems these days when things get used in our home, they get broken. Just today, Thomas and I were walking together and he was telling me about how he was given this bouncy ball from a friend at school today. George wanted to see it, so Thomas gave it to him. When he got the ball back, it no longer looked brand new....it looked used. Thomas was frustrated and said that he shouldn't have given George the ball because now it was ruined. He even said how he tries to put things back where they go, but it's no use because everything he has gets broken. I was laughing to myself..... if he only realized all that gets used in our home and how it all ends up broken too! I tried to explain very wisely to him that God would rather us use the gifts He has given us, rather than to keep them hidden away. It's the same with stuff. It's no fun to put a toy high up on a shelf just so that it stays "new" and never get to play with it. We should always share with others (especially brothers and sisters) the things we have been given. End of lesson!

I never used to drink coffee before. TJ has always been a coffee drinker and I would love how the smell of coffee filtered through our house. One winter, I tried coffee with LOTS of a flavored creamer in it.....and was hooked! Now, a cup of coffee is my morning joy that I look forward to each day. Sitting out on our front porch, sipping hot coffee as it warms my hands is, well, delightful! Add reading something inspiring and that is why I am hooked on my quiet mornings outside.

I sit and think, pray, watch and listen. Mostly, I thank God for another day of life and beg for His help to do what He asks of me, in every situation that day. I thank Him for the chance to start again, no matter how yesterday went. Frustration, no patience, yelling, are all forgotten. I have hope in the new day as it awakens before me.

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